Special Events at Con

(Just a few of the goings-on!)



Saturday Night Barfleet Yule Ball



The Pirates and The Wizards have rented the same venue at the same time by accident!!!  This could lead to some Ultimate Party Crashing!

( You can dress in your showiest Pirate finery, Best ballgown, Formal Wear or Harry Potter robes.  The whole idea is to get dressed up for the party and dazzle your fellow guests with your getup!  Think “Yule Ball from Harry Potter movies” or Pirate Counsel from Pirates of the Caribbean”)


Copper Chef Culinary Contest:  SHOW US YOUR BOOTY!!!cccc

All right, ye skallywags!!!  Show Us Your Booty!!


(Take that however you want!)

For all you budding Chefs, This means:  Any category, anything goes!  Appetizer, Main Dish or Desert!  Make it booty-themed (Pork Butt, Rump Roast, Butterscotch, etc), Make it Pirate-y themed! (Something that contains Rum or fights Scurvy!) Make it something that looks like Treasure or Skull & Crossbones!  Be as creative as you can.

All entries must include an INGREDIENT LIST and serving apparatus (like a crock pot if its supposed to be a hot dish)  You will be judged on Theme, Taste, Presentation, and The Nick Winks Rule (KEEPING IT SIMPLE). All entries will be judged by our judges and the guests throughout the weekend. Prizes will be awarded during closing ceremonies.




The Tasting Tables

   Ever-Popular and exclusive!  All are welcome, but there is a “price of admission”, so to speak.  You must supply a GOOD BOTTLE to participate!


Mead table – early Friday28bour650.2

   Hosted by Jack Needles

Tequila table – late Fridayrumchandara.jpg

   Hosted by Giggles

Scotch Table – Early Saturday

   Hosted by Coldstones

Rum Table – Late Saturday

   Hosted by Nigel Sade