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2017 Programming Tracks

(LAST YEAR’s Stuff – 2018 Info is coming soon!)




DeCon is more laid-back than your larger, more traditional cons.  No frantic pace, no having to choose between 4 programming tracks all happening at the same time.  We’ve called it a “Relaxacon”, because its more like a mini-vacation.  New this year:  more activities to choose from!  More entertainment too!  There is some shopping to be done in our dealers room, there are movies in the movie room and there are a few panels and workshops to attend. We host a midnight swims in the hotel  pool reserved for DeCON attendees only on both Friday and Saturday nights. There are bangin’ parties with incredible drink concoctions hosted by the infamous BarBase Columbus. Our Hospitality Suite always puts out a fun variety of foods and beverages to meet most any needs and desires, including an impressive gluten free selection. You will often find card and board games going on at tables in the Hospitality Suite, including my personal favorite “No $#iT There I Was…” the greatest story telling game ever.

Saturday morning there is a brunch with trivia to help ease your Friday over indulgence. There will be creatively selected panels and workshops to attend. Saturday night also brings us a time honored tradition of the “Indentured Servant” role-play auction. Sunday is a day of recovery, eating a good meal in the Hospitality Suite.  Then we end our weekend with a giant drawing, where many fun themed gift baskets and goodies are given away.


battle logo

BATTLE BLAKES:  A (Brand spankin’) NEW GAME DEMO – by Lucas Weese
Friday evening, 7-8pm
Lucas, the dude that came up with the game, will walk you through how to play this unique card game!  Get in on the ground floor and help be a beta tester!  Battle Blakes is a ‘take-that’ conflict card game with two different attack types and a goal to destroy your opponents’ Self-Esteem.
Each player will use an imaginary version of Blake as their Character for the game. You will be playing various types of cards to affect the stats (Verbal Assault, Tough Skin, Wit) of you and your opponents. The length of the game is dictated by the amount of rounds you choose to play. Each round will have a different Event that will have a global effect and may also have special effects for a particular Blake. Each player will get one turn during each round where they will either attack another player using a Verbal Assault or engage in a Battle of Wits. The goal is simple; destroy the Self-Esteem (in a light hearted fun kind of way) of the other players to become the one true Blake. The player with the highest Self-Esteem at game end is the winner.


deconiaLINDA’S UNDER DA SEA POOL PARTY!   Fri 12am-1:30am in the hotel pool.

DeCON guests only!

Friday night beach party!! ” Under Da Sea”
Once again Linda will host the midnight Friday night beach party. Under Da Sea, come and join us, we have mermaid rubber duckies, and other floaties. See what games we will play.


brnchSATURDAY MORNING BRUNCH WITH TRIVIA    Saturday morning brunch $17 SOLD OUT
Do you want to “earn” more drawing tickets? Come to the Saturday morning brunch, Linda is hosting an trivia contest for your continuing entertainment. Come and join us for brunch and an opportunity to “earn” drawing tickets

0a19f174eb77f4a6c9e6a89af4191a0bPURE ROMANCE  PRODUCT DEMONSTRATION

with Rebecca-Ladies only.




True Audience Participation: A Rocky Horror Experience -hosted by Xen NGU and Chris Stephenson

Doors open 8:45 pm, Film starts at 9:00 pm Fri
At the beginning of this cult sensation, fans slowly started acting out the movie and singing along.  Over time more and more of the audience would get up to perform and call back or riff and it grew into a large network of organized casts throughout the world.  In the same spirit of those original fans, anyone who attends the show can get up and act out any part they want.  This production is truly for the audience!

     Xen NGU: Former member of 6 shadow casts including 4 RHPS casts…her name is not unknown in Ohio Rocky Horror Infamy. Xen has been doing Rocky for-like-ever and her Rocky Home currently is in Ironton with DownHome Decadence. Co-Creator of one of the only two in existence dedicated Hedwig and The Angry Inch Shadow Cast, Gods of the Nile, which performed for over 2 years. Lately she lives with her cat trying desperately to not turn into the Crazy Cat Lady…

     Chris Stephenson is an accomplished Shadowcaster, A current member of Downhome Decadence,  founder and Cast Director of The Midnight Shift and a former member of The Fishnet Mafia for almost a decade.  He is also a 2-Star Admiral of the USS Maximillian and will shortly be publishing his first novel.



wine_cheese2WINE AND CHEESE TASTING    hosted by Voldie

Located in the Food Consuite Sat @1pm



GUILTY PLEASURES  will be hosting three educational panels!

kateleth2014***ROPE PLAY  hosted by Monkey King and Flirty     9pm-Midnight Fri
Monkey King can be reached at and Flirty can be reached at if you have specific requests you would like them to cover during their class.


lightning-bolt***ELECTRO PLAY -with the Violet Wand – hosted by Tesla McCoy.

12noon-1:30pm Sat

img_0072-0***Sensual Wax Play -with Kyrian & Veshkali. 1:30- 3pm, Sat
This presentation is designed to show the more sensual side of the candle (or rather waxpot) as we cover topics such as the best and worst waxes for the job, some handy tools for application and removal of said wax and the ever important safety concerns. After this 101 you should have the skills to put your own kit together and start having fun!



 Learn the basics of brewing and making alcohol. There will be an interactive portion to learn how to make a week alcohol. If you would like to take a concoction home that you can make yourself, please bring a container or bottle with you. (20 oz bottle, 2 liter bottle, Mason/Ball Jar, Tupperware or even a heavy duty zip lock)

quipaultQUIPLASH & PARTY GAMES -hosted by Sin

5-6pm Saturday

27-swing-dance-clip-art-free-cliparts-that-you-can-download-to--215250MODERN SWING FOR BEGINNERS-

Presented by Mary and Corey Winks    Sat 5:30-6:30pm 🙂   You know you wanna learn!

karaokesin KARAOKE WITH SIN!!! – Fri 9pm

Drink Up at the Barfleet Party and head down the hall for some silliness.

Futurama  THE SCIENCE OF FUTURAMA!  3-5pm Sat

hosted by Ethan Dicks, AKA LCDR Themis Coldstones



1002233_496635150392113_1000035192_nBARFLEET ACTIVITIES!  the bar is open!


-12noon-5pm.  When the doors are open, C’mon in!  Hang out, have a beverage, play cards, chat, or whatever.

FRIDAY NIGHT BARFLEET PARTY! Fri – 8pm Start of DeCon party in the bar

**9:30pm Captain’s Table:   Scotch Tasting – run by steward J.O. Guinness

**Please report to J.O. Guinness in the Vendor’s Room starting at 7pm to sign up for the Scotch Tasting

 *see rules for Captain’s Table to find out about participating

**11:00pm Captain’s Table: Rum Tastingrun by steward Coldstones

*see rules for Captain’s Table to find out about participating.


**9:30pm Captain’s Table:  Tequila Tasting – run by Steward Giggles

*see rules for Captain’s Table to find out about participating

please note: around 2-2:30am the parties go private.  Barfleet Personnel only.  (they served you all night, and want a chance to get out from behind the bar and dance, too!)  PS:  If you wanna be part of Barfleet:  just let us know!!!  We’re always trying to recruit cool people!!

Other Barflleet activities:

mixy– 4pm mixology class [programming note: Non-Barfleet crew are welcome to listen in and view class, but participation in mixing and pour drills will depend on space & materials available. Barfleet crew will have first priority to best serve later that night.

Here’s what you need to know about participating in a tasting table:

“In an ongoing effort to improve the quality and quantity of opportunity for alcohol tastings, which are becoming a cornerstone event at Decon for Barfleet, we have opted to revive an age old tradition, The Captain’s Table, and adapt it for our use. Going forward, we can expect between 1 to 2 tastings a day, on Friday and Saturday at Decon. We have availability of one of the large tables for these events. We are attempting to both make the opportunity to sit at one or more of these events possible for those who wish to participate, and allow for flexibility in both content and seating… while we wish we could just include everyone who could possibly want in, the logistics just won’t work to have everyone at the table at one time. To that end, we are implementing the following event guidelines:

Seating at any given table is limited!!  Only 8 people at a time.

The table will be run by the Captain, or their appointed representative. There will also be a steward, who is in charge of the selections and will serve as the resident lead or expert. The representative and the steward can be the same person if it happens to work out that way. The total seating space at the table is 10 people. Minus the Captain and steward, that leaves approximately 8 additional people to be seated at any given table event.

You Must bring a suitable bottle of alcohol to share! (None of the everyday, run-of the mill swill.)

If you wish to have a seat at a table, Please arrive approximately 30 minutes before the designated start time with your bottle for the table.   The steward will select the bottles for that particular table seating. Those selected have a seat. If your bottle is not chosen for that particular table, you are welcome to stick around to enjoy the commentary and festivities, though any tasting for people standing is generally at the consideration those seated.

With the increase in the number of tables, the duration for each table seating has been reduced to accommodate the additional seating and the events scheduled in and around those times. If you have a seat at a particular table, please show up on time, and please be ready to vacate for the next seating, to allow time to reset the table and accessories.

We know these events are popular as both an opportunity to learn and to sample items that might not otherwise be available to an individual on a regular basis. We thank you for your interest in these events and we hope that these changes will allow more people to have a chance to enjoy what is rapidly becoming another fine Barfleet tradition.”

frysA NIGHT AT THE MARKET L.A.R.P. -hosted by Bear.

A live action role play of an indentured servant marketplace 10-12 midnight Sat

(formerly called the ‘slave auction’)

drinkcraftOPEN/DRUNK CRAFTINGhosted by Jason Winks

Join Jason & MelRoy for frosty beverages and fabricating some weird shit!!  There will be craft supplies out the wazoo, so you can set your inner Martha Stewart (or Snoop Dogg) free.  This might even turn into a “build a Bender” workshop

(Don’t forget the Costume Contest is Saturday Night at the party!!! Let us help!)

60de7f_173dbd9b9eff487294e914ae6fa13b3c.jpg_256YOGA FOR GEEKS– by Lisa Meece

Yoga was designed to help people comfortably sit for long periods of time – a thing Geeks do often while engaged in geeky endeavors like reading books, playing games, or debating the finer points of their favorite cannon. Come check it out. Note: Unlike *some* of the classes taught at DeCon, we’ll be following the first rule of yoga, which is “nothing we do should hurt.” With 15 years as a yoga teacher, Lisa is skilled at teaching to the people who show up in a way that honors where each person is in their body and their practice.
I’d like to link to the website,

b4c2cd_22296cc370f647a5996e8fca9898616d~mv2CONSENT AND CUDDLES by Lisa Meece

After several years of running the Partying Safely panel at conventions, Lisa realized that the ability to manage one’s own boundaries is the foundational element of staying safe. Whether it’s consenting to physical touch or consenting to that next alcoholic drink, the principles involved (and the skills required to do it effectively) remain the same. Consent is a popular topic of discussion, and there’s some reason to believe it’s not well understood throughout popular culture. Physical touch provides an excellent workshop tool for practicing how to give, deny, and revoke consent – and how to manage your feelings when others do those things in relation to you. We’ll take a very “training wheels” approach in the session, and then those who consent will have some time to cuddle with each other.

More DeCon Deets:


lindamermaidLinda Winks will be hosting our Friday Midnight Swim in the hotels in-door pool with an UNDER DA SEA Pool Party! Bring your beach blanket, your floaties, and come have a good time with Linda and our lifeguards!




New This Year!

The Great Duckie Race will take place in the pool area!

Get a rubber duckie and join in the fun!!duck-derby-duck-race

You’ll be able to use ANYTHING But Your Hands to move these guys across the pool!

(super soaker, ping pong paddle, flipper, Barfleet cup, etc!)  Winner gets a prize 🙂



ANIMATE THIS!!!! Costume Contest


ALSO!  To encourage people to really let their hair down and have fun…we’re having a Costume Contest during our Saturday night party.

What’s your favorite animated character?!  Old School Saturday Morning cartoon??  School House Rock character??  Disney/Pixar film star?? Like to do Anime Cosplay???  DRESS TO IMPRESS!  It doesn’t have to be Futurama (but if you wanna rock a Cyclops eye, robot gear, your best alien crab guy…feel free!!!)  It can be ANYTHING animated 🙂  Lets have someFUN!!


*Bring Your Crayolas!!!

The Wildly Popular Adult Coloring is back again!!!  So be sure to bring crayons, colored pencils, gel pens, or markers to participate in this seriously fun and infinitely relaxing, chill activity

COLORING FOR FUN AND RELAXATION: Learn easy techniques and enjoy coloring geeky designs with Color On! Magazine’s founder Mary (aka Fanci’a Snog.)cropped-masthead-winter

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Get Your Nails Did!…

Stop by the vendor hall (or the con suite in the evening) and Fanci’a Snog will apply fun and geeky accent nails by Jamberry. Your $2 suggested donation per nail helps support DeConpression!



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