Decon 19

Hello friends and convention family,

First let us apologize for the exness mt5 free download for pc lack of engagement over the past few days. There was a very unexpected issue that the Board of DeCONpression needed to discuss and tackle before we made any public statements.

2020 and 2021 have been two tumultuous years filled with many ups and downs. It appears that 2021 has saved one last piece downhill for staff and attendees of DeCONpression.

It is with great sadness and a heaping mound full of disappointment that we have to announce that DeCONpression 2022 will be canceled. Due to a sudden and unexpected change in ownership at our hotel and venue, we are no longer able to hold our convention at that location. And with so little time to locate a secondary location, we will not be going forward with an in-person event at this time.

The hotel has assured us that all reservations booked for our convention can be canceled without penalty. And for all those wonderful people who have already preregistered for our convention, we will be offering full refunds which we will be processing over the next week. Those who have paid will receive an email when your refund is processed. For any individual that had an existing carryover registration from a previous year of DeCONpression, we will be reaching out to you as well.

It has been a wonderful, stressful, and emotional roller coaster over the last 19 years, and if at all possible, we will try to continue to ride this roller coaster into a 20th year. We truly and deeply appreciate everything our staff and attendees have done to help make DeCONpression so fulfilling and enjoyable these past almost 2 decades. Please keep an eye out for any future updates as we continue to delve into our future and find our path forward.

Thank you,

The Board and ConCom of DeCONpression

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