How did we get so lucky to even have a DeCONpression to go to every year?

DeCONpression was started by Nick & Linda Winks after many years of serving as volunteers at local sci-fi/fantasy conventions such as MARCON and Context. They took their knowledge of convention management to a much more casual place. They wanted to have a weekend filled with the same kinds of people that they were continually meeting at other amazing cons that were less constrained by schedules, events, celebrities and deadlines. DeCON is a time to talk and get to know people in a relaxed environment.

Past Ghost of Honors

DeCON 1 – Leonardo da Vinci
DeCON 2 – Edgar Allan Poe
DeCON 3 – Catherine the Great
DeCON 4 – Han Solo
DeCON 5 – Glenn Miller
DeCON 6 – Vincent Van Gogh
DeCON 7 – Amelia Earhart
DeCON 8 – Callico Jack Rackham
DeCON 9 – Marco Polo
DeCON 10 – Cthulu
DeCON 11 – Nostradamus
DeCON 12 – Pan
DeCON 13 – Robin Williams & Nick Winks;   Guest of honor: Tom Smith
DeCON 14 – Zoidberg;  Guests of honor: Philo Barnhart, Charles D. Moisant

DeCON 15 – John Glenn; Guest Of Honor: Geoffrey A. Landis; Special Guest Mary Turzillo

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