Decon Registration and Payment Form

Updated 8/9/2016

Please use the form below to register for the convention. This form allows you to pay online via PayPal, which will accept credit cards if you don't have your own PayPal account. Simply fill out the form choosing the correct options, click the "Register Now!" button. If you are registering more than one person, close the screen that comes up and repeat the process as many times as needed. When you have entered everyone you can use the "View Cart" Button to finalize the transaction.

If you don't wish to pay online, you can fill out this form and mail it along with your form of payment, if there is a payment due (payable to DeCONpression) to:

5765 Cairo Road
Westerville, OH 43081

DeCONpression requires a Legal Photo ID for all Attendees registrations to DeCONpression.

Registration Form

Please submit a separate form for each person registering. This form submits information to our treasury and registration departments.

First Name:*
Middle Initial:
Last Name:*
First Name:*
Middle Initial:
Last Name:*
If your name has changed since last time you attended DeCONpression please supply us with your previous name below.(names change due to marriage, legal name changes, divorce, and other reasons)
Full mailing address:*
Telephone number:
Name for your badge:*
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Convention Registration:
Total Payment:

NOTE:  No "partial registrations" will be accepted (i.e., "Here's my information in advance, I am mailing you the money soon.").

Refund Policy

Decon does not give refunds for a registration, period.


-- Attendance and participation at DeCONpression constitutes permission to be included in photographs and video taping to be used for the promotional purposes of the DeCONpression convention and you Agree to and understand the Refund, Reprint, filming, and harrassment policies of DeCONpression.
-- To ensure an enjoyable and safe experience for all attendees, DeCONpression reserves the right to refuse or revoke membership from any persons who have engaged in disorderly, disruptive, unlawful or unsafe behavior.
-- There is a $2.00 Online processing and convenience fee that will be added to your total of all online orders per membership. The $2.00 processing fee is not refundable.