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Our DeCON 13 Dealers are…

Sage’s Muse –

I make handmade bath and body products including: body butter, bath salts and lip balm. In addition to the the Bath and Body Products, I also carry Rune Boards, Runes, and Handmade    Jewelry. Plus, as a service, we offer an experienced tarot reader (and because this event is and “adult only” event, she will be using risqué tarot ca…rds).


Draconas Creations   Corsets wigs and undergarments


Mr. Malaprop Design

I make a wide variety of impact and sensation play items from wood and carbon fiber.


Pure Romance by Rebecca

I do in home parties for adult women. I sell bath, beauty, and massage products as well as relationship enhancement products.


The Art of Nigel Sade


The Art of Sara Wilkinson


Tangitude Artworks and Color On! Magazine by Mary J. Winters-Meyer


Out of Dealer’s Room-in the ConSuite

Rock Falls Massage by Rachel Ostrowski 614-404-9972

Specialty Services: Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Trigger Point Massage, Oncology Certified, Prenatal Certified. Rates: $60/hour, this is a mobile service. Some additional travel charges may apply depending on location. Convention Special: $45 gift certificates available for purchase for registered DeCON attendees.
On Site Chair Massage: $10 for 15 minutes. $1 a minute after first 15 minutes. *Full body massages available upon request during the convention at the $45 special price.*Couples massage: May be available, please inquire.

General Info

All Dealers are requested to have their Ohio vending paperwork available for display on request at the con. All tax issues are between the dealer and the state.

Prospective Vendors

DeCONpression will have a juried Vendor’s Suite for 2016, so prospective vendors must apply in order to be considered. Submitting an application does not guarantee table space or a specific number of tables, so please do not send money with your application, if your business is accepted into the vendor’s suite we will send you an acceptance email with payment instructions.

“How do you make your decisions on vendors?” you ask.

We try to keep a variety of merchandise available for our guests, and we make our selections based on the type and quality of merchandise offered and whether the merchandise fits within DeCONPression’s culture. Remember, we are an 18 and over convention so the types of merchandise we expect can be on the mature side, we have had adult novelty vendors in the past as well as geeky chic, jewelry, art, and games. Our judgements are not made lightly and we mean no offense if you feel we take too much time in mulling over our decisions.

We want to make good, informed decisions, and you can help us! Please fill out your applications as fully as possible. Pictures of your wares and your set-up are very helpful as well and can be sent along as attachments. If you have a website, please include the web address! A Facebook or Etsy page, we want that as well. We are planning on posting all available information for our vendor’s on our website as well as links on social media sites after our vendors are chosen each year.

The Financials

Vendor tables will cost $50 each and comes with one membership to the convention. Additional memberships for vendor staff can be purchased at $25 each.

Tables are a standard 6 feet by 2.5 feet, and each table area is approximately 8 feet by 5 feet. We will try to make arrangements for any additional need vendors may have, such as electrical plugs, backdrop space, handicap access, and the like, so please include any requests/requirements with your application.

Hotel reservations are not required for vending; however, we always appreciate the room nights.

Dealers Room Hours:

5pm – 9pm Open

11am – 6pm Open

10am – 11:45am

Hours are subject to change based on Convention hours. Updates will be posted if there are changes..

How To Contact Us

Please contact our Dealers Department if you are interested in becoming a dealer, if you want more info. E-mail


Dealers Room Application


For pdf files: These files must be viewed with Adobe Reader. If you do not already have Adobe Reader, you can download a FREE copy at Then simply click on the flyer link with the left mouse button to view and/or print the flyer with the Adobe Reader plugin. Or to download the flyer to your computer, click and hold with the right mouse button on the flyer link. Then drag down to “Save as” or “Save Link As” in the menu. Then use Adobe Reader to view and print the flyer.


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