Did You Know?

We have a Theme this year!?  Its Laughter/Comedy/Fun!  Because who couldn’t use some?  One of the Ghosts of Honor made us laugh our asses off more times than can be counted.  The life of Robin Williams will be celebrated by showing his movies and stand-up specials in our Video/Arcade room …

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Seriously, Something for EVERYONE!!!

Just attended our last meeting before DeCON, and I’m excited to tell you:  this year is going to be the BEST ever!!!  We’ll get the schedule banged out soon, but until then, here’s a taste of what you can expect: (deep breath) yoga, dance, filk concert, “who’s line is it, …

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Almost Time for DeCON!!!!!

Who’s Ready to PARTY?!!!!   Check out our Programming page for our Special Events!  There’s a lot of cool new stuff going on this year, like the “Iron Chef” style Copper Chef Culinary Contest, The Alien Beach Party hosted by Linda Winks, Stand-up Comedy Show and entertainment by the one …

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Hey all. This is GreenNipple your resident food Consuite chef. Do you like the food DeCONpression offers? Great! How about adding your favorite dish to the menu! You dont like the food you say? Then bring your favorite dish and show me how its done! ANNOUNCING!!! The first annual (hopefully) …

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Membership Price going up!

Have you got your membership yet? Last chance to get your membership before the price increase! Membership is currently $35 and will go up to $40 on January 1, 2016.  Avoid the increase and get your membership today! This is the perfect opportunity to buy an additional membership for a friend.

DeCONpression wants to know

DeCONpression wants to know what panels and events would you like to see at DeCON? What can we do in programming to make it more fun? Have suggestions for other departments?  Let us know.  You can post on our Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/groups/DeCONpression/ Or send it to us through our …

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Announcing our Guest of Honor!

Tom Smith

Tom Smith has graciously accepted our invitation to be DeCONpressions first Guest of Honor at DeCONpression 13 January 15-17, 2016. Read all about Tom on our Guest of Honor page.

Decon Page Updates

We’ve started updating the website for DeCONpression 13. Please be patient with us as we get all of our pages updated and ready for another great convention.